Due to the technological pace, society and tech-heavy materials require taking care of at every moment. For example, the human body needs regular checkups to know internal problems, the same as electronic items are of the utmost requirement of service at a regular time.

The Rolex watch service center (ศูนย์บริการนาฬิกา rolex, which is the term in Thai), doesn’t only provide service to the watch but check every functionality area for the in-depth issue and give the proper watch set after the repair.

What Is The Service Process For The Rolex Watch? 

For every other watch or item, the Rolex service is different due to its originality, values, specifications or more to combine every masterpiece that lasts forever. There are uncountable services center for Rolex around the world, which gave the process are:

  • Assessment- At the center, the first step that takes place is the assessment or examination of the watch by a watchmaker. It is done to see how much work needs to be done; once it is done, the next service will begin.
  • Preparation- The dial and bracelet are detached when the service starts. It is done to check the internal thing in the dial; after that, the case and bracelet will be reassembled at the last step of the process.
  • Dismantling-After the removal of all the parts, then every single piece will examine separately to check the problem. If one of the parts does not fit the requirement, then the part will be replaced by another.
  • Cleaning- The Rolex service center provides the cleaning for each segment with an ultrasonic bath to remove the impurities.
  • Lubrication- After the cleaning, the parts will be dried. Then the maker makes the adjustment according to brand accuracy.
  • Refinishing-The case and bracelet refinished is done with the help of re-polishing to give original finishing.
  • Casing- In this case, parts will be reassembled, where dials have been refitted, and the watchmaker checks the technical issue to see whether the elements are fitted or not.
  • Waterproof And Final Test- The watch is tested for pressure and then fitted into the bracelet. After that, the watchmaker gave the piece an entirely aesthetic appearance.

Therefore the Rolex service center provides the perfect timepiece by following the above steps of services and making sure that every process has been examined.