People in recent times have become very conscious of the shape of their lips. They want it to be in perfect form, making their face look more attractive. Hence, the woman opts to get it surgically repaired and put it in the desired shape. The most common and popular lip share with the ladies is the wing horn chestnut shaped lip (ปาก ปีกนก, which is the term in Thai).

The Correct Method To Choose The Perfect Chestnut Shape For Your Lips

Choosing the shape of your lips is always recommended, considering the requirements and style. With basic choices, the doctor in charge will help select the perfect wing horn chestnut shaped lip as desired. There are four significant shapes as:

  • Sweet: A shape that describes a charming, soft, and natural look to the lips rather than being harsh and not so pretty. The bird’s chestnut shape is not pointy, but the wings are gorgeous and not overpowering the entire look.
  • Sour/Sexy: Cute and adorable chestnuts, which aren’t too wide but look sweet and endearing. This sour or sexy style emphasizes the fullness of the lips adding playful style and sexy charm to the overall look.
  • Guava/Cotton: This Guava or cotton style pays more attention to the fullness of the lips by keeping it thick in the middle. The sides are curved but not very clear or visible. It emphasizes the corners of the mouth, making it look classy.
  • Korean Line: This style is not very clear on the chestnut style but focuses more on making the lips smooth and healthy. The edges look pretty too.

Prominent limitations and essential parameters to remember while making wing horn chestnut shaped lip

The patients that visit the clinics for lip shape change surgery come in with many expectations and eagerness. Because these oral surgeries are more on the decorative side of the business, people prefer it to be perfect and just like the reference they share.

The patients have the right to choose according to their needs. Still, depending on the current shape and internal factors, the response should reciprocate. People with thin lips obviously wouldn’t want their lips to go thinner.


With the help of various techniques or reconstructing the lip shape, the doctor can mend it while performing the surgery. The doctor can shape the lips as perfectly as possible. But eventually, it will take the final form as per the natural intake of the surgery.