It is well-founded that flowers make a telling tribute to the deceased at funerals. Condolence flowers are suited to burials, memorial services and wakes.

In some cases, people have second thoughts in different countries and prefer to give condolence money instead. As much as this can provide some financial relief for the closest relatives, flowers show a much deeper meaning to the day than money can provide.

This article will focus on some of the benefits of buying flowers for the occasion and overlooking any cash donations.

Flowers Give Special Sentimental Value

Flowers have a language of their own. They can’t say words but in their silence come words that are too painful to express during that time.

Flowers can express your emotions, both sympathy and understanding, without you needing to convey them personally.

For the immediate and close family, seeing that a vast and beautiful flower arrangement has come from many people, friends, and family leaves an intelligible mark on their day and gives touching, heartfelt memories.

Flowers Leave Memories

Although flowers have a short life span, these represent a token of respect that will last long in the memory of everyone who attends that day and acts as a more soothing gift to the people in grief than a cash donation. Cash can be of temporary relief to some during that difficult time but will likely be forgotten over time.

In contrast, heartfelt flower arrangements will leave special memories and a lasting reminder of the number of people who genuinely cared for that loved one or friend during their lifetime.

Flowers are Spiritual

Different countries deal with funerals in many different ways. For example, a funeral in the Philippines is very different from one in the United Kingdom or Australia. In Western countries, funerals are very sombre, and sad occasions. Whereas In the Philippines, a funeral is a celebration of someone’s life, with a wake, lights and a different feeling to the occasion.

This is where flowers can transcend the occasion and offer something for everyone regardless of who or where the day is mourned or celebrated.

Flowers carry love and sympathy in equal measure but also symbolise a human’s journey through life and onto the next.

Death is an inevitable bridge we will all have to cross at some stage which is what flowers have in common with us – a certain lifespan. For different religions, the flower can symbolise the celebration of what has been and the beginning of a new journey.

Unlike financial donations, condolence flowers send an unequivocal message that human lives, like the life of a flower, are fleeting. They deliver a heartfelt message of sympathy that can also be expressed with a funeral card, eloquently written by you.

Flowers Have More Meaning Than Just a Display

Giving flowers in a time of grief can be traced back many years before embalming existed.

This is not only paying tribute to the dead, but the flowers helped with the fragrances to hide the body’s odour, which in times gone by wasn’t appropriately preserved.

It has been a tradition worldwide for thousands of years and has evolved. Today, even though methods are more refined and flowers are not required to hide odours, floral arrangements are an essential part of any funeral, not just for decoration but to give sympathy and a spiritual message.

Flowers can be Personalised

Condolence flowers, unlike condolence money, can be tailor-made and customised to what message you want the family to remember.

Florals can be made in many different colours, types and arrangements, with many flowers suitable for the occasion.

  • Roses
  • Carnations
  • Lilies
  • plus many more…..all have a place on the day

Each one carries a different meaning and colour, with red meaning love and white meaning innocence as an example.

Getting personally involved in the process is also meaningful. With many reputable companies providing a service for sympathy flowers delivery, you can choose pre-existing options or speak directly to the florist to design your own with a personalised funeral card.

This personal touch will not go unnoticed.

Sending Personalised Funeral Flowers is Unique

Although sympathy flowers delivery is commonplace on the internet, it still requires effort on your part rather than just putting money into a small envelope.

Choosing the arrangement, the flowers and the colours themselves takes thought and effort that the deceased’s closest family and friends should appreciate. It acts as a token of respect and what that person meant to you in their lifetime.

Losing someone close to you is difficult, and gifts and money tend not to alleviate that pain. The simple act of sending flowers can help ease a family’s sorrow and show support and give them something to help take their mind off the negativity of the occasion, or in contrast, help them celebrate it.


In difficult times it’s good to have someone to speak to about your final send-off. Today online florists are available to help give you options of what you think sums up best and what the last message you would like to leave. But don’t forget that if you have a local florist, help support them. They will give you a personalised touch and feel and someone you can talk face to face with in a difficult time is a blessing in itself.