The Rolex Explorer series has especially been made for the adventurers who love exploring the harshest terrains like snow-filled regions, caves and mountains. Rolex Explorer was first launched in 1953, the same year when Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary conquered Mount Everest. The Rolex Explorer belongs to the luxurious range.

However, it remains unpopular, thanks to the more popular series like GMT Master II, Submariner and Daytona.

Rolex Explorer remains to be an undervalued timepiece but is the most amazing timepiece dedicated to beginners who enjoy collecting luxurious timepieces.

Rolex Explorer And Its Evolution

Rolex brought out reference 6350 in 1953 in the name of Oyster Perpetual Explorer. The Rolex Explorer is the best for explorers and adventurers. The branded timepiece features a stainless Oyster case in 36mm diameter with a black dial and a self-winding movement. Another version launched in the 1950s was reference 6150. The second version doesn’t feature the name- Explorer name on its dial.

What’s The Deal With The New Generation Rolex Explorer Watch?

The new generation Rolex Explorer watch was launched in 2010 and comprises a 39mm diameter case which is made of 904L stainless steel. Presently, it is the only Explorer I timepiece that comes with a 39mm case. The previous models had  36mm cases. What drives its vintage factor is its smooth bezel and polished look. The timepiece is driven by a calibre 3132, with a self-winding mechanical movement that is made and developed by Rolex.

How To Buy Rolex Explorer Watches?

The Rolex provides the Explorer model reference 214270 featuring a black dial. Other Rolex models that were launched before this are discontinued.

  • Before you think of buying the Rolex Explorer timepiece, make sure the 214270 reference timepiece comes in two dials.
  • The watches released before 2016 feature small minute-hand combined with non-luminous 3-6-9 hour markers. The minute hand wasn’t proportional to the dial size. The dial size in the watches is termed MK1.
  • It was in 2016, that Rolex replaced the MK1 dial with MK2, which is composed of 3-6-9 hour markers and a longer minute hand.

Some customers choose Explorer with the MK1 dial, thanks to its iconic and distinctive look. However, the customers who enjoy the original design code of the series prefer the MK2 dial versions. Whatever Rolex Explorer model you invest in, they are known for their polished luxurious look.