Granite is a popular stone that helps you enhance the beauty and aesthetic of your home. It is a brilliant and lustrous stone that gives a shine to your kitchen and bathroom. Thus, you must ensure proper maintenance of your granite floors, countertops, and showers. Proper maintenance and regular sealing are necessary to maintain the shine and luster of the granite.

Issues with granite

Following are some common issues that you can face with granite furniture:

  1. Granite, though not as porous as other natural stones, still needs to be properly taken care of. It might be highly resistant to water, but the dampness can still penetrate the surface, cause molding, and give birth to germs and bacteria.
  2. Acidic beverages are quite harmful to granite since oil stains and acid can cause etching and stains on the countertop.
  3. Granite showers can easily accumulate soap scum and water stains if not cleaned regularly and properly.
  4. Scratches are also not uncommon on granite surfaces, especially on granite countertops installed in the kitchens.
  5. Heavy furniture can cause the granite tiles to crack or chip under their heavy weight.

Importance Of Sealing Granite Surfaces

Granite is a lifetime investment and though it is moisture and scratch resistant and strong and durable, sealants can still help you preserve the shine and beauty of granite surfaces. Thus, once every 3-5 years you should use a sealant to seal your granite surfaces and protect them from itching and scratching.

It also prevents water stains and doesn’t allow moisture to seep into the pores, further preventing the development of any bacteria, germs, or moulds. It becomes easier to clean the granite surfaces and makes the stone more hygienic and clean. Thus, you should get your granite tops sealed every few years by skilled professionals and sealers.

Need For Sealing Service Providers

Granite stains are a nightmare. All kinds of stains can accumulate on your granite surface, and reduce their shine and beauty. From soap scums, water stains, mould, and dust to acid stains, etch marks, and food and beverage stains, there are a lot of causes of granite stains.

Though, there are many cleaners or sealers available in the market that you can utilise to clean and maintain your granite countertops and floors. These cleaners come in different types and can be confusing. For example, you cannot use acidic cleaners to clean your granite as it can cause etching.

Thus, it is better to hire professional and skilled granite sealing service providers who can help you maintain the beauty of your granite for a long time. Different types of granites have different levels of porosity. Due to this, the types of sealants and their frequency of usage differ accordingly.


So, if you are worried about your precious granite countertops and floors, look up granite sealing service near me and contact a good granite sealing service provider. Granite has a long life as long as it is properly maintained and serviced. Thus, make sure that you take care of your granite surfaces properly and protect them by regular sealing and polishing.