When it comes to running, choosing a perfect shoe is one of the key priorities. Maintaining a balance between comfort, stability, and traction allows you to get a high-quality running experience. Yeezy Cloud White Reflective is a popular running sneaker designed by Adidas that features a Cloud White Primeknit upper. The white tone of this shoe is mainly kept monochromatic. On the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Cloud White (Reflective) model, a slight yellowish tinge is present on the sole.

This post discusses the key factors to consider for choosing the best running shoes.

Running Location

Your running shoes will depend on whether you choose to run on roads or trails.

  • Road running: Shoes for road running offer adequate protection to the ligaments, bones, muscles, and tendons from the effect of a hard surface.
  • Trail running: When you choose trail running, you have to look for a shoe with traction lugs, grippy soles, etc., suitable for uneven surfaces. 
  • Cross running: You will need a cushioning and stability shoe when you do many side-to-side movements.
  • Racing: Road racing flats and track spikes will be the best option for racing.


Shoes with maximum cushioning will allow your feet to be well-padded. These types of shoes are suitable for runners having high arches. On the other hand, shoes having moderate cushioning prove more comfortable for runners with neutral arches and pronation. 

You may also choose a shoe featuring minimum cushioning. If you select a lightweight shoe, minimal cushioning will lower the impact of your midfoot and forefoot. However, be careful about the increase in stress on the forefoot and the Achilles tendon. 

The Yeezy Cloud White Reflective model of Adidas has been one of the most popular models among buyers. The main reason is the extra cushioning because of 100{3d37e8ac7e0e78ecdd04da225fea025bcf5e3092f7798b9acff82794df5f2c5f} rubber in the sole. The manufacturer used 100{3d37e8ac7e0e78ecdd04da225fea025bcf5e3092f7798b9acff82794df5f2c5f} polyester to make this product. 


When buying running shoes, do not forget to check whether they fit perfectly on your feet. 

  • To ensure you get the correct shoe size, always measure your feet. When at home, you may use an excellent device to measure your foot’s arch height, length, and width. Some retailers also use 3D foot scanning technology. 
  • You must always avoid wearing your running shoes in the morning. Because feet swell as we start daily activities, it is good to measure your foot length later in the day. It will give you the exact measurement so that you cannot end up buying something inappropriate.
  • While wearing your shoe, you can also try running socks, orthotics, and insoles with your accessories.

Final Words

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