With ageing, we not only have to deal with wrinkles formation but even our facial tissues turn weak. As such things take place in between your brows and on your forehead, you might appear fatigued, sad or angry. The brow lifting technique (เทคนิคยกคิ้ว, which is the term in Thai) is one such outcome of advanced medical science that is made to tighten and lift your forehead and brow region. This plastic surgery process can address various concerns.

Brow List Technique And Why Count On It For A Youthful Skin?

Complete skin rejuvenation is possible when you can get back your radiant and youthful skin. This is possible to achieve through the brow-lifting technique.

It Can Reverse An Angry And Tired Look

As you start ageing, you might develop creases and fine lines between your brows and forehead which makes you look angry and tired all the time.

  • Lines In Between Your Eyebrows.
  • Forehead Creases
  • Sagging Brow Line

A brow lift procedure is designed to raise your eyebrows and smoothen out fine lines to help you look youthful and relaxed.

It Smoothens Your Creases

By brow lifting and removing tissue and excess skin, the plastic surgery technique can get rid of all the visible signs of ageing from your upper face. Through this procedure, you can get rid of the horizontal and vertical lines from the brows and eyebrows respectfully. More so, you will also achieve smoother skin.

It Makes You Look More Awake

Sagging brows can have a significant impact on how your upper eyelids look. Besides, it can also have some unwanted consequences:

  • Creating A Fatigued Look.
  • Affecting Your Vision’s Clarity.
  • Turning Makeup Application Into A Difficult Job.

By lifting the brow, your eye area will open up. It will also make you look more awake. Furthermore, it shall also improve your eyesight multifold.

It Offers Long-Lasting And Dramatic Results

While you can always turn to Juvederm and Botox to minimize forehead creases and render the look of a raised brow. There are limitations to their results. Besides, you have to undergo the procedure repeatedly. However, through a brow-lifting procedure, your excess skin will be removed. Plus, the cosmetic surgeon shall also adjust the underlying structure for a more natural outcome. This will result in long-term facial crease correction followed by drooping and sagging skin.

The brow-lifting technique doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. A team of highly-skilled surgeons customize plastic surgery to match the diverse requirement of clients. This ensures they offer natural, safe and beautiful outcomes.